I am a Polyglot developer, willing to learn more languages, I have multiple personal projects and have worked in many different methodologies.

I have contributed to many opensource and community projects over the years, some of the most noteworthy are PHP (core language), GitLab, GitLab CI, Jenkins, Unreal Engine, MySQL, Docker, Node, PHP-BB, WordPress, Brew, Brew Casks, WaterFox, and many more.

I was the primary maintainer of 3 brew casks, and was the maintainer of the only MSSQL container with fulltext search something Microsoft didn’t add to their official containers till a few years later, the primary maintainer of the containers that were used by the Hut Group and RentalCars for their databases and build agents.


Auden 2017-10-18 —

Senior System Reliability Engineer

Built the pipeline and full deployment system for the company, initiated the transition from Azure to AWS

Built a project bot that allowed developers to start projects, create GitHub repositories, create artifactory links, VSTS (Azure DevOps) pipelines, and initial templates just by asking the bot in Slack to start it

The Hut Group 2016-03-01 — 2017-10-17

Senior Software Engineer

I was a senior developer in the content delivery team (blog team), and checkout team, I was one of the main architects behind the blog platform and moving it entirely into AWS, changing it from a dynamic wordpress delivery system to a statically generated one, this took the render and delivery time from 1.2seconds to under 200milliseconds

I also helped build the deployment dashboard using react so that we could see when deployments were happening, what the status of them was, and if there were any issues (e.g. failing tests)


  • Switching an entire platform from inhouse system into AWS
  • Building a dashboard system in React

RentalCars 2015-09-01 — 2016-03-01

Senior Software Engineer

I was one of a team of 3 developers that maintained the main booking system, this was the system that talked to the suppliers (e.g. Hertz) using a standardized API

I also built the PayNow Extras system (this has since been folded into BookingGO) which meant I had to plan, develop, and release a full API that could manage all the extras and its management system so that suppliers could dictate what extras were allowed on each of their services and cars

Storm Technologies 2013-06-01 — 2015-09-01

Mobile Development Management Manager

I was in charge of a small team that had to build the mobile and desktop apps, mainly working on building WaterFox and its mobile version, this was multi-tabbed, multi-profile (standard + incognito) browser using WebKit and a version of the Nitro JS engine

I also helped develop the search engine that was used by waterfox during this time


  • Get a multi-tabbed, multi profile browser into the App Store

Travel Jigsaw 2011-01-01 — 2013-06-01

Senior PHP Developer

I was one of the lead developers working on the internal booking system known as CRBMS, and had to work with various booking partners to integrate the their APIs so that cars could be booked through our system


  • Being sent to Estonia to help with the acquisition of CRBMS from its original creator Titanium
  • Moving the entire company to GIT instead of using SVN and CVS
  • Helping to move a large portion of the system to use Zend instead of an internal framework

TrueShopping LTD 2009-09-01 — 2011-01-01

Senior PHP Developer

I was one of 3 developers working on the E-Commerce platform, which was entirely custom built in PHP4, including C++ programs to control the stock system


  • Started the process of moving to Magento
  • Moved to company to GIT instead of CVS
  • Started the move to a more industrial stock control system

Software Development

  • Java
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Go

Mobile Development

  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • Java
  • React
  • NodeJS


  • Agile
  • Unit Tests
  • WaterFall
Native speaker